Sasame F-724 Chinu Ringed

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Ideal hook for large, hard fighting bream, triggers & incredidbly lightweight for natural bait presentation & needlepoint sharpness for better hook penetration & strong hook hold.

Sharp-strong-high powered carbon


Sasame Chinu hook is ideal for most species such as bream, wrasse, triggers and whiting.
The hooks are of a medium/heavy with short shank, turned out eye, forged round bend and off set curved point.
The small sizes are ideal for presenting small baits for species such as bream, but have plenty of strength to give you added confidence should a big fish pick up your bait.
The turned out eye means that if you wish you can use a snell knot rather than a conventional knot. The advantage of the snell knot is that it keeps the hook in line with the trace.