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Due to popular demand we are now offering our glued match rig bodies for public sale. These bodies are made by us in house using componants that we actually use ourselves!

For the 0.55 and 0.40 rig bodies we use our own Size 1 Match Rig Clips for the top of the body and a shrink tube link for the lead. The rig body itself is Berkley Prospec and the swivels are our own Match Rig Swivels. Micro beads (clear beads with size 22 swivels, black with size 18 swivels) and Tronixpro Rig Glue hold everything together.

We are keeping things simple, so making the bread and butter rigs that comprise 90% of our fishing, but if you would like some bodies built to your specification then please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Understanding the lingo:

  • 2U1D - This is a 2 up 1 down three hook flapper, so two baits above the lead and one below.
  • 0.55 - This is the diameter of the rig body we used in millimeters.
  • 3ft - This is the gap between the snood swivels, so will allow for a 3' snood to be added.

**Please note - these are rig bodies only, there are no hooks or snood line. Although we will try our best we can't guarantee next day delivery of this item, especially during busy periods.



  • 1 Body per pack