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The Matchman's bucket has taken nearly two years to design and test thoroughly. We are very happy with the final outcome.
Made from tough, waterproof, washable and lightweight EVA material, the Matchman's Bucket consists of three main parts:

The Outer Bucket - This part carries everything in transit. It then becomes your water and fish bucket. The length of the strap has been designed to make it easy to carry from peg to peg in a match situation, and can be hung from the centre of your tripod to aid stability in windy conditions.

The Inner Bucket - This part has a velcro on lid and houses the dividers. Perfect for bait transportation, keeping baits seperate. Can also be used to transport smaller tackle items. The Inner Bucket also has three long velcro straps that allow this part to be attached to the inside of your rod tripod should you wish.

The Dividers - These sit inside the inner bucket and are designed to keep all you bait safe during transportation. They are shorter than the inner bucket, so frozen baits can be placed under the dividers too.

The possibilities are endless though! It has become a very handy bait collection bucket. Keeping the different worms apart in the dividers then using the inner and outer buckets to clean the bait after, without having to carry multiple hard buckets! We have used our prototypes on so many different sessions, matches of course, squidding, roving over rocks, on the boat etc, etc.